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Wir packen dein Rettungsgerät neu



How often your reserve should be packed depends on the manufacturer's specifications. Between 3 to 6 months, but at the latest after one year, the new packing of your rescue parachute is necessary to ensure a quick release in case of emergency.

As an independent check operation of all brands, we check in agreement with the respective manufacturer!

We pack rescue devices of the companies Icaro, Gin and Skywalk for a surcharge of 20,- €.

After we have repacked your rescue and reinstalled it in the harness, we carry out a compatibility test under the pilot's load. We want to make sure that your rescue parachute can be released and we check how high the normal release force is that has to be used.


Solo rescue pack (each year) 35,- €
Solo paraglider incl. rescue pack 199,- €
Tandem rescue pack
55,- €
Tandem paraglider incl. rescue pack 249,- €


(Germany and Austria)


1. Download and fill out the order form:



2a. Shipping to:


Anna-Maria Maier
Audorfer Straße 26
6342 Niederndorf


Flugschule Bayern
Hocheck 5a
83080 Oberaudorf

2b. or make an appointment and deliver it directly to us:

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Of course we are also happy to receive your paraglider in one of our flying areas!

Kössen, Sudelfeld, Kufstein, Hocheck